New MLM Companies

New MLM Companies – Is 2020 The Year Of The MLM?

Hello there! Welcome to my Earn & Learn Online blog. There’s quite a few new MLM companies out there that are brand-spanking new and I want to do some digging to find out just how legit they are. I don’t know about you but I usually want to do a little research on a company before I make any hasty decisions.

I want to know what kind of products I will be selling. Are they products that I can “get behind” and really feel good about promoting? I don’t want to be “that guy” that’s always trying to sell a bunch of junk to my friends. I know that I will feel more comfortable about a product if it’s actually a product of value. And guess what? I’ll probably make more sales too if I have that confident attitude of promoting a helpful product to you.

I did some digging online for some information about the top new MLM’s of 2020, and I’m going to offer you my opinion about each one. Everyone has their own little niche or way that they like to earn money online. So I will share what works for me as well. Here we go!


New MLM Companies

Univia is a MLM that will teach you how to make money as an affiliate member of the company. You will be selling their products which will be mainly skin care products. You can also promote and sell this 2oz energy shot called Uplift which is supposed to help people have more energy, a better mood, and curb their cravings for food.

You also have to recruit other’s to your affiliate members team where you can earn commissions from them as well. Personally, that’s where I draw the line and where it turns into just another “pyramid scheme” to me. I just don’t like the idea of having to hustle my friends and family to buy all this junk and not only that, but join my team and help me sell this junk too! Just saying…

It’s $49 just to join and then you have to buy these “Influencer Packs”. The cheapest one is $249 or you can go premium and buy the $459 pack. I understand their are times in this business where you have to spend money to make money, but that’s a lot of money to have to shell out at first.

I’m not saying they’re a scam or anything like that.

I just prefer a much simpler way of earning affiliate commissions.


New MLM Companies

This one actually sounds pretty interesting to me. Well, the product does anyway. You pay $159.95 and they send you a DNA kit in the mail. Swab the inside of your mouth and send your sample to their lab where they will process your DNA and use your genetic data to generate a custom design nutrition product just for you. This includes nearly 100 peer-reviewed plant-based ingredients, super foods, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

All ingredients are non-GMO, vegan, gluten free and will be shipped to your front door monthly. And of course, they promise to keep your DNA test results private and secure.

And of course, you can become an affiliate of this MLM and sell these DNA Kits to your friends. You must generate a PV (Personal Volume of sales) of 100 to qualify for MLM commissions.

If you’re a “people person” and/or a descent sales person, you could probably find some success with this MLM opportunity. I just think it would be neat to have my own personal dietary supplement made specifically for me and influenced by my own DNA results.


New MLM Companies

It’s another healthy/weight-loss 90 day challenge. It’s called the Kickstart 90-day challenge and it’s free to enroll as a promoter which is pretty cool. It says that they’ll give you your own self-replicating marketing website, Back Office, state-of-the-art mobile app, free marketing tour, and more (coming soon).

Then you start to build your customer base by sharing the Kickstart Challenge. And once you find 2 promoters to sponsor, you’ll be eligible to earn Team Commissions. It’s up to you to work with your promoters and help them generate a minimum of 50 Personal Sales Volume (PSV) each month.

If you can get 2 customers to take the 90-Day Kickstart Challenge with you and sign up for Auto Delivery, then you will get the products for free! That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Then you just continue to grow your business by promoting the Challenge with your friends and family. Weight loss, diet, and making money online are three of the most ‘search for’ keywords on Google so you could have a pretty good shot at being successful with this particular MLM company.


New MLM Companies

Healy World is a MLM company out of Germany that sells various medical devices and apps. The devices are similar to products such as Apple Smartwatches except they claim to help people with stuff like chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and even migraines.

You can sign up for a fee to sell there products. And you will make a commission from every device that you sell. But from what I hear, these devices are pretty expensive so in my opinion, they’re probably quite hard to sell.

You can also recruit people into your downline and you will earn a percentage of their sales also.

I wouldn’t call Healy World a scam. I just find that most MLM’s have a very low success rate. And I don’t believe it would be worth the time and effort.


New MLM Companies

This one is similar to Healy World in that they sell smartwatches but they also sell CBD products and offer travel rewards. The smartwatch is over $400 which is ridiculous!

Just like all the other MLM opportunities, you can make more money by recruiting people and earning a percentage of their sales. It’s $39 a year to join plus you have to buy your sales kit starting at $300 for the “Basic Kit”, all the way up to $5000 for the “Founders Kit”.

Then there’s “Affiliate Ranks” where you can grow and earn different rewards when you achieve higher affiliate ranks. You start out at first rank when you join and pay your fee $39.

You go up in rank as you recruit others to join with you. You need to recruit at least 2 affiliates and have at least a total of 150 BV worth of products. Recruit 6 affiliate with a total BV of 150 and you achieve Rank 3. And onward and so forth.

You get commissions for product sales directly to customers and you also get commission when one of your recruits buy a sales kit. I believe your commission is 20% until you reach the third rank in which you will get bumped up to 25%.

All in all I don’t think ByDzyne is a scam but would I recommend it to a family member or close friend? Heck no.



I know that I’m a bit biased towards MLM’s. It’s proven that most MLM’s have a low success rate because most of the products that you will be selling are way overpriced and usually junk that nobody really needs! Plus you have to buy the products and have a place to store them until you finally sell them, if you ever do.

And then you have to go out and recruit your friends and family who may reluctantly agree to join your team or buy your new product just to support you. Which is cool.

But I’ve found a better way to make money online where you don’t even have to have your own product to sell!

It’s called Online Affiliate Marketing and it is awesome!

Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything that I need to know about starting and running a successful online business and they can teach you too.

Sign up for free today and I’ll even be your personal coach and help you with the training and all that.

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Thank you so much for reading.



6 thoughts on “New MLM Companies – Is 2020 The Year Of The MLM?”

  1. Personally, as for me, I have had bad experiences with a few of them and if the truth could be told no matter how they come the system is all the same, spending so much of your own money then having to recruit people who have to work in order for you to make monies the long meetings, etc… it is just too much. I had rather stick with affiliate marketing that has many more benefits.

  2. Hey Billy,

    Great insight shared here. I’ve always been skeptical about MLM programs, especially after I was scammed in the very early parts of my online journey. I still have a bit of sour taste in my mouth.

    Since the I decided not to participate in any type MLM except someone I personally know recommends it and is an active member with undeniably proof of results.

    I can’t tell if you’ve had any first-hand experience with any of these although No.2 does sound like a tempting deal I’d like to take a chance on.

    As someone who’s been burned before, will you at anytime recommend any of these MLM programs to me?

    1. No, I don’t have personal experience with any of these 5 MLM opportunities. I did my homework on each one of them and while none of them proved to be a scam or anything like that, I just wouldn’t recommend any of these MLM’s to anyone. I don’t think it would be worth the headache ya know.

      Here’s a review I did for another online business opportunity called Wealthy Affiliate if you care to check it out. Here’s the link:

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