Is Prosperity Of Life A Scam

Is Prosperity Of Life A Scam?

I’m sure you’ve heard of Prosperity Of Life. Maybe you’re wondering if it’s one of those pyramid schemes or not. Or is Prosperity Of Life a scam or is it legit? Well, you came to the right place because I’m just going to shoot straight with you. I don’t want your money and I don’t want to waste your time with nonsense.

I simply want to give you my honest opinion of this program and let you decide for yourself, if it’s something that you would want to try.

There’s a lot to learn about this company so let’s get to it.

What Is Prosperity of Life?

Prosperity of Life (formerly known as Polaris Global) is a network marketing company that was founded by Shane and Rachel Krider. They sell personal development and wealth building events and if you want to make money with this program you have to recruit people to attend these events and ultimately get them to join the company.

Here’s the kicker though…. these events are very, very expensive so good luck finding people to join in. That makes it pretty similar to a pyramid scheme to me. That’s just my opinion. But let’s keep digging and find out more.

There’s red flags all over the place when I read up on this company. The main focus of these events is to get the attendees to join as a monthly member.

On top of these live events and conferences they also sell digital products that consist of personal development workshops and online training modules that actually just promote Prosperity of Life.


One thing I do like about this program so far is that all the products are high-commision-products meaning you can make anywhere from $1,000 on up per sale! With that being said, these high-ticket products will be difficult to sell as not everyone has a couple grand lying around to join a make-money-online business that may or may not make you any money.

The products and services they offer are called “Master Of Destinies” and they are pricey!

Product #1 – M-1: Master of Destinies – Home Study: This is a home-study course where you can watch previously recorded seminars that will supposedly transform you into a perpetual individual. Seminars include: Foundation Live, Sovereignty Live, and Influence Live.

Price: $2,855

Potential Commission per Sale: $1,828

Product #2 – M-7: Includes 4 more recorded seminars from Sovereignty Live and Influence Live.

Cost: $5,740

Potential Commission per Sale: $3,672


Product #3 – M7 Fast Track: This is a combo pack that includes M-1 and M-7.

Cost: $7,820

Potential Commission per Sale: $5,000


Product #4 – M2 Sovereignty Live: This is a 5-day live event that covers all kinds of important topics like how to invest your money, asset allocation, tax minimization, and much more.

Cost: $9,940

Potential Commission per Sale: $5,000

Product #5 – M3 Influence Live: Learn about personal development and leadership strategies. Find out how to create a life that you desire that doesn’t go against your personal beliefs and values.

Cost: $16,190

Potential Commission per Sale: $8,000

So, as you can see it’s pretty expensive just to get started. The least expensive product will cost you $2,855 bucks! But it may be worth it if you can make some sales and get some of those high-ticket commissions.

How To Get Started

First thing you need is a sponsor to refer the company to you. Then you will get an interview. (Tip: If you browse through Prosperity Of Life Reviews on YouTube, you should be able to find a sponsor who can help you out.)

Then once you progress to Stage 2 you will need to start paying your monthly dues:

  • Registration Fee – $39.95/month
  • Lead Manager – $29.95/month
  • Training Portal – $33.00/month
  • Marketing Website – $49.95/month

That’s a total of $153/month to start a business. And that’s not including the expensive products you will have to buy…

And then there’s one more hoop to jump through…

Don’t get too excited about making your first sale, or even your second sale because both of your very first sales go to your sponsor! But the flip-side to this is that your prospects have to do this for you too.

The thinking behind this is that it will really encourage you to train your prospects well so they are able to get these first sales.

Is Prosperity Of Life A Scam

No, I don’t think it’s necessarily a scam but I just couldn’t see myself spending all that money knowing that there’s a chance I may not even be able to break even.

Plus there are some Red Flags I should mention to you…

Shane Krider got into some trouble with his last network marketing program, Liberty League. He took more than $5 million in a pyramid scheme. I understand that people can learn from there mistakes and perhaps he has changed for the better.

The bottom line here is that Prosperity Of Life is a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Scheme meaning you will have to work your tale off recruiting people and selling all these expensive products. It’s very similar to a Pyramid Scheme.

Give Affiliate Marketing A Try

I discovered Affiiiate Marketing 1 year ago and it has changed my life. Not only is it FREE to sign up and start training, but you can literally start your own online business promoting any kind of product you like.

And I’ve found that when you’re promoting something that you have an interest in, it’s actually fun because you are writing and learning about something that you are passionate about.

Check Out My Affiliate Marketing Story Here

In concluding I wish you luck in fulfilling your online entrepreneur dreams! If I can help you out in any way, please leave me a comment below and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

And if you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends in social media land!

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2 thoughts on “Is Prosperity Of Life A Scam?”

  1. i think…. Prosperity of Life is very similar to a pyramid scheme!
    The only way members can make money is by recruiting more people into Prosperity of Life events and the business model. There is no training for you to earn money by selling other products.but there are actually some benefits like; self development, opportunity for marketing online and making money. so i think is a balanced scheme.

    1. Thank you for your comment! That’s true. It does have some benefits like self development and a window of opportunity for online marketing but I just can’t get down with pyramid schemes!

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