Is OPM Wealth A Scam?

Is OPM Wealth A Scam?

So you’re looking to make money online and you hear about this opportunity called OPM Wealth. You decide to do a little research on it to get some more information. You made a wise choice! In this review I’m going to cover the facts of this OPM Wealth System and ultimately answer the question, “Is OPM Wealth A Scam?” And even if it isn’t a full-blown scam, “Is it even worth pursuing?”

I’ve been in the MMO (Make Money Online) Game for a couple of years now and I’ve learned a thing or two about these “opportunities”. Not all of them are scams but it’s still a wise decision to do a little investigative work. So without further ado, let’s get on with it.

What Is OPM Wealth?

First of all O.P.M. stands for “Other People’s Money”. They claim that they can help you start a business with them by utilizing the power of Other People’s Money. That’s basically the only information that there main website discloses which I find pretty shady.

After digging in online for more information, I’ve figured out that the OPM Wealth website is just a capture page to promising visitors riches like “making 6 figures annually in only 12 weeks”. This system leads into a high-ticket affiliate marketing company known as Plutus Plan which deals with Bitcoin.

Here are the 5 levels of Membership and the price tag of each:      Is OPM Wealth A Scam?

  • Hermes ($2000)
  • Apollo ($5000)
  • Athena ($8500)
  • Poseidon ($14500)
  • Zeus ($27500)

There are other claims out there that you can promote the system for free to see how you like it. But you will not have access to everything that they offer with just the free membership. You have to pay to play if you catch my drift.

How Does OPM Wealth Work?

To get started, you have to schedule a call with one of their “coaches” who seem more like sales people to me. Their job is to give you the right sales pitch to get you to join and then coach you along on how to get future prospects to join and ultimately purchase on of the 5 packages listed above.

And as you can tell from the different price tags above, this is definitely a high-ticket offer.

Once you join, they have you in their pyramid scheme and it’s up to you to recruit people, which usually involves bugging your friends and family and trying to get them to sign up. And then you hope that they do good and make sales because then you make money.

I’m sorry but I’m just not a fan of pyramid schemes and I don’t see how anyone else could be either.

Can I Make Money With OPM Wealth?

I’m sure with enough patience and time, eventually you will be able to make some money. But from what I hear, you get paid in Bitcoin and I’m still not so sure how I feel about using other people’s money to get paid in cryptocurrency.

If you’re promoting OPM Wealth as a free member, you will have to pass up five sales to get paid. You will get your commission after the 6th sale.

If you purchase one of the plans above, you will be qualified for a 60% commission after 1 sale.

You will have weekly scheduled Zoom meetings with a sales rep who will teach you about how Bitcoin works.

OPM Wealth has a C- Rating with the BBB. The Plutus Plan that is the company behind the OPM Wealth system, is not accredited with the BBB either. So far, it doesn’t sound like such a great opportunity to make some good revenue online huh?

Pros & Cons

While doing some research on OPM Wealth, I noticed that it’s about 50/50 as far as whether people trust it or not. So here’s a breakdown of the data I recorded:


  • The potential is there to make a lot of commissions.
  • It’s a decent opportunity if you are knowledgeable about cryptocurrency.
  • It is basically affiliate marketing.


  • It’s an MLM in disguise.
  • If you want to pay for membership it is very expensive!
  • You have to learn about cryptocurrency.
  • Training is not really that great.

Is OPM Wealth A Scam?

I don’t believe that it is a scam but I’m definitely in no hurry to go sign up. It’s what’s known as a high-ticket offer meaning that it will be difficult to sell in my opinion.

I mean the lowest level product that you are trying to sell is $2000 to join! I could afford to join at that price but if I couldn’t make any sales, I would be in trouble.

So I don’t think it’s a scam but I just can’t recommend it to anyone. Especially with so many other opputunities to be successful online.

How about you? What do you think of OPM Wealth? Would you recommend it to anyone or do you have any experience with it?

If so, please leave a comment below!

To YOUR success,


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