How To Build A Wordpress Website In 30 Seconds

How To Build A WordPress Website In 30 Seconds

I know WordPress makes building a website pretty easy to do, even for a newbie. But it still will take a great deal of your time. I just want to share a program with you that makes building a website even easier and insanely fast too. I’m going to show you how to build a wordpress website in 30 seconds! I also have a walk-through video to share with you as well.

What Is WordPress?

How To Build A WordPress Website In 30 Seconds

If you are looking to set up a blog website, WordPress is probably the easiest and most powerful content management systems (CMS) available today. It’s not just for blog websites though. It’s the perfect website platform for e-commerce, business, and portfolio websites too. It’s quite versatile. Best of all, it’s 100% Free!

However, it can be difficult to install to your computer. And it requires web hosting, FTP, a data base, etc. So if you’re not very good with the techie stuff (like me) you may need a little help.

An Easier, Faster Way

If I had to manually install a WordPress website by myself, I would be in trouble. I’m sure that I would be able to figure it out but it would take a long time and I don’t think it would be worth the headache. Thank goodness I found Wealthy Affiliate! And within Wealthy Affiliate there’s a website builder called WordPress Express.

It eliminates all the “techie stuff” and it is so efficient. You can literally build your own website using WordPress Express in 30 seconds or less! In fact, I built this website using it. And it only took 30 seconds. It truly is an easier, faster way.

  • No FTP’ing Files
  • No HTML or PHP
  • No Photoshop
  • No Expensive Programs To Buy
  • No Worrying About Web Hosting

Now I’m sure that you’re still wondering about this whole “Build a website in just 30 seconds” business…

Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate made a video that walks you through the simple process of building a WordPress website from scratch. He names his website, picks a theme, and then installs it and that’s all there is to it. He does a great job of thoroughly explaining everything as he does it. Check it out below:

Build A WordPress Website In 30 Seconds

When you start Wealthy Affiliate, you can choose any niche that you want. And in just a few minutes you will have your very own WordPress website up and running where you can add content and promote whatever products that you want (as long as they’re relevant to your niche)

And if you ever need help with any of this, the community at Wealthy Affiliate will help you. And that is real talk. This community is very knowledgeable and I never could have gotten this far without them!

You Ready To Get Your Own Niche WordPress Website Set Up For FREE?

Just follow this simple 2 step process:

1) Create your Starter Wealthy Affiliate Account (FREE)

2) Build out your very own WordPress Website.

I started out with a free account. I went through the first training course and before I knew it, I had my own Outdoor Gear website up and indexed in Google. When you do a Google search for All About Outdoor Gear, it’s the very first thing on the first page which is pretty cool. And I haven’t touched that site in months because I’ve been busy working on my ‘Make Money Online’ niche website.

The possibilities are truly endless with WA and I’m not being biased. You will learn so much.

So get out there and get busy creating. If you choose the Wealthy Affiliate route you won’t be disappointed, trust me. After you get your website up and running, come on back to this post and share your website with us in the comments below. And if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask.

Wishing you much success,


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