Daily Commissions Blueprint Review

Daily Commissions Blueprint Review

Devon Brown (Creator of 12 Minute Affiliate) has just launched a new product on Warrior Plus called “The Daily Commissions Blueprint”. I’ve been using the 12 Minute Affiliate system for about 4 months now to promote Clickbank products and I’ve made 2 sales with minimal effort so far. So I decided to give this product a shot and do a Daily Commissions Blueprint Review.

When I say that I made a couple of sales with “minimal effort” I mean I basically set the 12 Minute Affiliate system up with my auto-responder and let it run on auto-pilot so that I could just focus on writing content for my website.

For more information on the 12 Minute Affiliate system you can Check Out My Review Here.

And without further ado, let’s take a look at this Daily Commissions Blueprint shall we?

What is this Daily Commissions Blueprint?

It’s an ebook written by Devon Brown from 12 Minute Affiliate and it really is put together well with the “Newbie” in mind but I’m sure that anyone could utilize it. In fact there’s a video on the sales page of Devon on the phone with a 66-year old “grandma” who sounds pretty exited because she has just made $481.74 in commissions on Clickbank. And she made that in 1 week just from following the Daily Commissions Blueprint.

You basically download the Blueprint to your computer and start following the training. And if you download it right now, it comes with a step-by-step video training done by Devon included at no extra cost. And you get this all for a measly $12.95 which isn’t bad at all considering all the training you will get.

I’m familiar with his training because I’ve gone through all the training in 12 MA. He definitely knows what he’s talking about and he has sort of a “No BS” approach to teaching. Meaning, he get’s right to the point. But he’s really good at explaining the process in a way that’s easy to understand.

The Daily Commissions Blueprint is:                  Daily Commissions Blueprint

  • Step-by-step instructions
  • 100% Beginner-Friendly
  • Zero Learning Curve For You
  • Zero Website Needed
  • Zero Products Needed
  • Zero Coding or Coppywriting

How Much Does It Cost?

Right now they are offering an 87% discount and you can get this Blueprint for $12.95. And that includes the Daily Commissions Blueprint and the Video Training too.

That seems like a fair deal to me. I mean, what’s $13 bucks you know? Once you get it and start going through the training there will be upsells but that’s to be expected. You can either upgrade or just take all the training you get for the initial price and roll with it.

Daily Commissions Blueprint

On the sales page, Devon says that he initially planned to only make this available to his personal mailing list and charge $297 for access but he decided to make it available to the public because he realizes that there are people out there struggling to make money online and are looking for something that actually works.

I think it’s cool that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee where if you don’t make money or if you change your mind for any other reason, they’ll refund your money to you.

A peak at what’s inside…

This Book is full of tips like keeping it simple with “only 6 ingredients needed to start profiting this week” and “2 easy-to-use tools that will get your online presence up and running without being a techie”.

More tips include how to spot a product that won’t make you any money and avoid it like the plague! And once you find a product that is worth promoting, how to use an email auto-responder to continually promote that product to your list on autopilot.

I think there are almost 70 pages of knowledge and tips in this book. To me, the blueprint that Devon lays down in this book basically shows you how to start an online affiliate marketing business from scratch. You start by finding a product that you know will convert well, get traffic to that product, then set up your auto-responder. And that’s just how you get started.

I think if anyone follows Devon’s training in this book, they will get results and do really well online.

Here’s a quick little video made by yours truly….Check it out:



I can vouch for Devon Brown because I’m one of his students under the 12 Minute Affiliate platform and I know he’s legit. So I definitely will recommend this book to any of my readers out there. Whether you’ve made your first dollar online or not, this Commisssions Blueprint will point you in the right direction on what to do next and guide you along the way.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Commissions Blueprint Review”

  1. I’ve heard of 12 minute affiliate but not daily commissions blueprint. I found your review very insightful, to the point but not too long and with all the relevant info in. I already have a fitness blog website which has affiliate links but not much traffic, would this help my website at all?

    1. I know that this particular blueprint shows you how to build an email list of followers that you can send offers to. But I’m not quite sure how much help it will be with driving traffic to your website.

      I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate for that. Also I know for a fact that as you add more and more content to your website, search engines like Google will trust your site more and send you more organic traffic which is the best kind of traffic in my opinion.

  2. Wahoo, this is my first time learning of the  commissiom blueprint. But I must commend the way you introduced it. Since it’s a blueprint you can make money just following simple instructions like you did, I think it is worth giving a trial. This means I don’t have to wait for my website to rank on Search engine before making a sale. I will use your link to sign up

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